I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, and trained psychoanalyst. I combine my extensive clinical practice with training others and scholarship.

My clinical practice is centered on psychotherapy integration, which draws on the multiple treatment approaches I have learned and now teach.  I use these approaches singly or in combination over the course of treatment.  In addition to using psychoanalytic methods for understanding the role of the past and underlying motivations, I employ cognitive-​​​​​​behavioral therapy, which helps people correct the behaviors and thinking involved in many psychological difficulties.  I also use Focusing and other therapies that weave in experiential components enabling people to directly sense their issues as they are experiencing them in the moment. In some instances, I apply EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to treat areas of trauma.  Treatment for each individual involves joint discovery with a plan developed to achieve optimum benefits.

I regard myself as extremely fortunate, for over the years I have had the privilege of deeply knowing and helping many people from different walks of life—urbanites and suburbanites, students, artists, academics, and many other mental health professionals. I suspect that few have counseled as many high-​​level corporate executives and professionals as I. Consequently, my métier ranges across the arts, science, and finance, among other areas.

  • Individual and Couples Therapy:  My expertise in several therapeutic approaches enables me to help patients address a wide variety of issues, from anxiety and depression to motivational, behavioral and relational problems.  My therapeutic approach is especially helpful to couples addressing the complex balance between appreciating individual priorities and communicating empathically with an intimate partnership.

  • Corporate and Family Business Clients:  I have drawn on extensive knowledge and clinical experience to create innovative, effective solutions for the workplace.  With clients ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses, I have offered many programs. I have special experience and interest in working with family businesses.

  • Small Group Training for Psychotherapists: I offer consultation for psychotherapists and conduct small study groups in my private offices in New York City and Englewood, NJ.  These sessions expand professionals’ knowledge and competence and aid them in writing scholarly papers. The scope includes psychoanalysis, cognitive-​​​​​​behavioral therapy, Focusing therapy, body-​​based therapies, and EMDR.

  • Publications:  I am the author of numerous articles and books on effective psychotherapy and the newest developments in the profession.  Many of these works focus on psychotherapy integration and the most effective applications of this approach.  My writings have been identified as being among the most widely read in the field by the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Archive.

I’m ultimately committed to helping people, although the intellectual preparedness for that task and scholarly expression are also very important to me.